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What We believe

We want to make employees happier and more satisfied both at their workplace and in their personal lives. We want your employees to look forward to their work. We help companies to increase productivity, engagement and loyalty of their employees through increasing their happiness at work as well as in personal lives.

Our Values

Absolute confidentiality to employees and companies
Our work is based on trust. Without it we wouldn’t be able to achieve any results. Therefore, we honor the trust given to us both by companies and individual employees. We ask for only that information we really need to know and we keep them confidential forever.

We help those who want to be helped
We’ll do our best to eliminate all obstacles preventing your company and employees from performing important changes. We’ll do our best so that you and your employees get the maximum possible chance to succeed during changes. The rest is on you.

We believe in uniqueness
We believe in uniqueness of companies, people, products and approaches. We believe in diversity and we want to support it, not destroy it. We don’t believe in 'pigeonholing'.

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What We Build On


We believe in science, scientifically verified and proved principals no matter whether in strategic management, HR management or psychology. It is the science, which has proven that more satisfied employees are more engaged (Journal of Applied Psychology, 2002) and that happy employees are 12 % more productive (University of Warwick, 2014).


We believe that mindful concentration on ‘here and now’ and other eastern approaches have major impact on increasing the well-being and personal happiness by employees.

Practical Experience

Every theory gets its real value only when it’s put in practice. We know it because first 7 years of our existence we’ve talked to top managers and owners of 239 Czech companies and organizations of various sizes and industries. We’ve talked with them about issues they’d been addressing in managing operations, sales, marketing, production, IT or HR; about how and why they’d decided to solve these problems, how they performed these changes and what was their key to success.

Individual Approach

Every single company or person is unique. Universal approaches do exist, however there’s always a certain percentage of exceptions that at the end of the day creates the unique and competitive advantage of the company. ‘Can’t see the forest for the trees’ it is said. However, it would be a huge mistake to ignore the beauty of individual trees for the forest.

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Topics We Are Focusing On

We always try to customize our approach to suite individual needs of the company and its respective employees. In our work we continously focus on the topics listed below. We have prepared standardized workshops for those, which we can fully tailor to your specific needs.

Changes are our only certainty, whether we admit it or not. We understand changes, both in companies or peoples’ lives. We know their essence, structure, dynamics and rules – no matter whether in strategic management, evolutionary psychology or neurophysiology. We will help your employees with better adaptation, initiation and successful finalization of changes.

Stress relief is crucial since while under stress person languishes, becomes more tired, more sick, cannot focus and becomes increasingly disappointed. We understand stress, its neurophysiological, psychological and spiritual essence. Our goal is to help your employees to better cope with their stress and to learn how to relax.

Communication is the basis of everything. Incomprehension and faulty assumptions are one of the most frequent basis of misunderstandings and disappointment at workplace. As a company, which has focused on marketing communication for large multinationals for 7 years, we know something about it. We understand the communication from its core, as well as emotions, assumptions and tiny nuances accompanying the communication. We will help your employees to better communicate – with each other as well with their clients – and better comprehend the communication of others. This will increase both their satisfaction at workplace and their productivity.

Harmony in life not Work-life Balance. Work is an integral part of life, not something we should be balancing nor delimiting against life. We believe in harmony between all components of life – work, personal, health and even its spiritual one, which doesn’t have to be always present. We utilize various approaches to achieve harmony – western ones, based on hard data and approaches, psychological ones, supported by major topics of humanistic and existential psychology, as well as on eastern ones like ikigai.

Our References

Our Experience

The initial strategy of our company has built on three major areas – communication, consulting and education. And it sticks to them even now, albeit in a different manner. We have become the top company in marketing communication, mainly for B2B products and worked for many years for Czech branches of large ICT multinationals as well as for large Czech companies.

At that time the core of our operations were case studies. Thanks to them we could talk to top management teams or even owners of 239 companies, frequently the most important ones in their respective areas – e. g. in finance, engineering, utilities, chemistry, construction, health or grocery industries.

We have gained a unique know-how and information about Czech workplace across industries and companies of various sizes. The impact of happiness and satisfaction of employees on the financial results as well as on employees’ personal lives was absolutely obvious, in all of those companies. And that has brought us to HR 2.0. Moreover, we started to focus on areas of personal happiness and satisfaction even in the area of personal life, as a part of our CSR project to help single parents, back in 2013.

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Contact Person

Ing. et Ing. Martin Zikmund
Managing Director
Tel.: +420 602 630 155
E-mail: martin.zikmund@nitana.cz Originally I had worked as a journalist, graduated from technical university and had been involved in science for a while. Then I added strategic management and started to focus on marketing communication for technological companies. I founded this company. Since the beginning it has focused on marketing communication, strategic management consulting and education.

During 15 years of my career I’ve seen hundreds of companies, met thousands of people, travelled through many countries, got to meditation, psychological studies and engaged in few CSR projects. It has brought both me and my company to where we are now. Owners of strategic changes are humans. Even a contract is not being closed by Corporation A with Corporation B, but by a human with a human. Even customers are ‘only’ humans. The world has changed, everything today is P2P – Person-to-Person. And therefore, the HR should be human first and only then resources, because owners of both changes and innovations are again only humans.

You can find out more about me on Nekouc.cz website


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